Puffy Tree Fluffs

puffy tree fluffs floating gif

(Hopefully this gif isn’t flashing horribly on your monitor….)


Around this time of year there are a few trees near my apartment that get very excited and throw piles and piles of white puffs into the air! It’s kind of amazing.

IMGP8287 IMGP8291 IMGP8297

The fluff gathers on peoples’ lawns, piling in corners like snow. There is so much of it! In some places it’s about 5 inches thick on the ground.

IMGP8300 IMGP8301 IMGP8303(Bonus for the decaying Xmas tree on the hill behind my building. Keep it classy Toronto litterbugs, keep it classy, heh.)

I think the trees are cottonwood trees. It’s one of my favorite spring/early-summer things. The air around my home is full of drifting white seed puffs like snow. So beautiful and ethereal. 🙂



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