Sophie Woodrow’s Ghostly Ceramic Art

sophie woodrow art

Sophie Woodrow’s ceramic creations are very beautiful. Pale animals with blank eyes like ghosts, or human figures that seem melted into flowers. The textures alone in her work are inspiring! Each figure loaded with hours of hand finished details and a dark Victorian influence. 

sophie woodrow ceramics

An interest in natural history has led her to depicting many of the creatures and forms Victorian scientists imagined. Blending the familiar with the fantastic.

From her website:

“Her work has been informed by an interest in the Victorians as the first generation who chose to define nature in opposition to what is human. In a spirit of wild curiosity, tinged with fear, the Victorians idolised nature, ‘packaging’ it into highly romanticised, palatable works of art. Our modern-day understanding is very different, so that we now interpret much Victorian art as ‘unnatural’ or kitsch.”

sophie woodrow artworksophie woodrow artwork sculpture

More of her work and information on the artist can be found on her site:


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