Clothing and Memory

gloomth house of pomegranates skeleton goth gothic

Do you have vivid memories of certain articles of clothing now long gone from your wardrobe? Or keep something for ages even though you would never wear it because it reminds you of a moment? I’ve always had a really emotional tie to my wardrobe, for as long as I can remember clothes excited me and sometimes became imprinted with moments and memories, both good and bad.

Itchy Xmas dress! Also I dont think my fashion sense has really evolved past fluffy dresses and collared blouses, haha.

The first outfit I remember really adoring was a green cotton track suit, I was pre-school age and I thought it looked “old” like something my older siblings would have worn as kids. I wanted to be cool and grown up like them….:P

I remember the orange confused happy face sweatshirt I wore on my 13th birthday (it was the 90s, people wore happy faces on stuff, yes it was as unfortunate as it sounds). How I never wore it again because some dumb boy tried to kiss me while wearing it. Yuck!

union jack flag dress

My grade 6 school photo outfit that reminded me of something a fancy vampire would wear as it had a frilly ascot collar with lace. I was so pleased with myself in that outfit. Now it just looks like something a 1960s secretary would wear…(Shown below)


The first over the top “gothic” outfit I ever had was an embroidered late 60s cotton blouse I’d found in the costume box in our attic and dyed a soft grey color (it wouldn’t go black) paired with a long black lace skirt and about a zillion bracelets/necklaces. Probably looked more like a peasant from a vampire video game than anything. :s

The platform no-name boots I walked everywhere in when I was 19 (how did I not break an ankle?) and had moved downtown.

gloomth gothic corset dress

It’s amazing how clothing can contain a memory or a moment. How we remember things we no longer own like old friends- they’re just *things* but they take on so much more meaning and importance in our lives. What we choose to put on our bodies every day, what messages we convey through that action, it’s an ephemeral sort of daily artistic ritual. An act of quiet (or loud) communication tied to all of our life experience, desires, and dreams. Clothing is kind of awesome that way. 😉


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