Personal Update Friday

Finally February is over! What a butt-kick of a month that was. I’m sorry I’ve been a bit personally silent here on the ‘zine, I know I promised to be a more visible human around here but this winter has just had me feeling like a hermit (who never wears anything interesting). February was especially difficult as my grandmother died (at 93 years old) and I was out of town for that, while managing my regular overbooked schedule. We also have our spring line in the works, which is really exciting as it’s our first themed line of 2014 and the collection has a real personal connection for me.

Since I don’t even have photos of my head to share this week I’m going to answer silly interview-y design related questions instead. If there’s something you’d like to ask me about my work or whatever feel free to comment and I’ll try and answer! 🙂

Describe Your Current Wardrobe Style:

My “style” changes constantly. I am always shifting towards my next obsession. Presently I’m quite interested in a blend of otome’s “cute” and tidy aspects with my own tattered vintage/ghostliness. I like antique bits, I like strangeness mixed with the cute. What at first appears very polished is unsettling and bizarre up close, that sort of thing. The curious protagonist of an antique fairytale, who is most likely also the villain. I guess “antique and retro doll” is probably the closest approximation of a label for me right now….

How Do You Approach Designing Clothing?:

I am terribly selfish when it comes to designing, I create clothes I want or I want to see people wearing. Styles and shapes I obsess over inevitably become designs in the catalogue. I don’t design to follow trends or what’s “popular” in the market, I think that habit tends to breed boring results.

How Do You Stay Inspired?:

Inspiration requires daily fuel I believe. My apartment is a nest of objects and mood boards that prompt my creative side. Every day I pour things into my head- I read voraciously, I watch a lot of movies (all sorts) and documentaries, I research things I like obsessively, I plow through tumblr, etc. If I am not inspired I feel sulky and unwell, so it’s important to keep my brain engaged.

Don’t Like Designing: 

Mens’ clothing! I wish I could get excited about dressing boys in boy clothes. Boys should just wear dresses, I love the idea of even manly-men wearing frills- or suits, suits are also acceptable. I keep waffling between wanting to do a proper mens’ line and just not wanting to offer typical mens’ stuff at all. Maybe someday some of the drawings for boy clothes in my sketchbooks will be created. 🙂

Will Probably Never Design:

Latex/pvc fetish gear. Not only is that portion of the alternative market super saturated but it’s just so not our bag. We’re Victorians at heart, we like our perversion behind doors or under the table. In-your-face sexy isn’t really what appeals to us (not that we have a problem with it for others).

Like to Design But Probably Won’t Get To:

I’d so love to do a line of embroidered days-of-the-week panties/bloomers (obsessed with those) and coordinating camisoles, we just haven’t found a home for such a line on Gloomth yet really. I’ve been plotting this series for probably 2 years and it always gets shifted to last on my to-create pile. Maybe this summer I’ll figure out my scary embroidery machine and get on these. Also dresses for my cats (one time I put Goblin in a teddy bear sized sweater and she walked around as though she was drunk, poor poor Gob’).



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