Ice Storm Snaps

We had a huge ice storm in our area this weekend! Over 300,000 homes were without power and chances are many won’t be up til Wednesday. We, thankfully, had power for most of it but our internet/phone was up and down. I took it as an opportunity to read and wrap presents. And to snap photos of the beautiful icy landscape behind my building! 🙂

toronto ice storm 2013

All of the trees around me were coated in about a 1/2″ layer of ice. It was beautiful and whenever the wind shifted the trees would creak and groan in the most ghostly way.

toronto ice storm 2013 toronto ice storm 2013


It was such an otherworldly landscape to wake up to! Pale and haunting. Luckily we had power upon waking (hopefully will continue to) as many homes are without!

ice on branches IMGP5249

Ice covering the ornamental bush beside my building’s exit.


Goblin wisely stayed inside in the warmth to watch me photograph the trees.

I hope everyone is safe and warm! And hopefully has electricity today!


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