BatCave Party Snaps

Last weekend was the BatCave party in Toronto! Gloomth was there, with four of our lovely models, and a lot of silliness. Here are some snaps from the evening.

taeden hall
taeden hall

My look for the night. I wore our “Union Jack” dress layered over a black lace top and a long black tattered square dance petti’ (sadly I forgot to get a full outfit shot). Poor Goblin looks like a limp rag-doll in the photo. Sadly the photo does not capture the little rhinestone skull on my cheek (which I pilfered from a nail kit I am too freaked out to use on my nails).

neutral toronto batcave


batcave neutral toronto

Hanging out in the dj “booth” with Mistress McCutchan while waiting for the models. Since we *are* the Cool Kids after all. 😉


Mistress McCutchan at work spinning!

IMGP4728 IMGP4727

Our amazing models appeared and we handed out candy and generally were a spectacle (as usual). 😀

Tyla rocked our “Esme” tulle dress!


Ashavari and Karen looked incredible! Ashavari wore our “Tuxedo” dress and Karen wore our “Carmilla” dress while dispensing candy from coffin shaped cigarette trays to the guests.


It is a law of physics that a bad photo of Karen cannot be taken. Even in the harsh flash (reflecting off a flyer in my hand) she looks adorable.


Poppy wore our “Chrysanthemum” dress. Yes, I’m pretty sure those were shredded garbage bags stapled to the roof. They kept getting in my face as I am over 6′ in heels…..


Laura looked perfect (as always)! Bathroom hallway shot with Tyla. 🙂 We had a great night at the BatCave- lots of excellent music, good company, and even some dancing.

double lobsters

We ended the night at a Chinese restaurant my friend chose simply because he “liked” the dead ducks in the window. I liked the paper lobster decoration. The food was incredible however. I had vegetarian hot and sour soup and couldn’t stop purring over it. Nothing like late night food with friends after dancing! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us that evening! We loved meeting you all and look forward to lots more events in the future.


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