New La Pouf Petticoat

We are pleased to announce we are now carrying a new petticoat! It’s made of over 40 yards of sturdy nylon chiffon and will hold it’s shape under even the heaviest fabric, as well as last for years at top-fluffiness! πŸ™‚

malcomodes 582

Our new “La Pouf” petticoat is available in black or white, and in one standard size. The great thing about this petticoat is it’s custom fit and length! The waist band features an elastic with a button closure, to tighten the waist simply un-button the band and move it to one of the 3 additional button holes we’ve added in the elastic to cinch the waist anywhere from 23-54″! We’ve found it’s comfortable throughout the entire size range.

The waist of our petticoat also features 3 channels so you can adjust the length whenever you like. Simply unbutton the elastic and thread it through one of the other channels to shorten or lengthen it.

This petticoat is a more classic a-line shape, which we like with a lot of our dresses. It fills them out but doesn’t shorten them significantly. If you want to change it into a more cupcake shape simply pin the top layer of chiffon to the waist band. We’ll have a quick tutorial on this and adjusting the petticoat shortly. πŸ™‚

Our new “La Pouf” petticoat will be in stock and able to ship the next day after your order is placed (if you order it with an item of clothing we’ll ship them together). We only have a few in stock so grab them up now before we run out to avoid delays!


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