November’s Outfit Deal!

It seems we’re just as late to post November’s Outfit Deal as the last 2 months! Clearly we’ve been a bit swamped around the ‘Cult. This month’s deal features two “basics” that will make awesome additions to any wardrobe.

In case you are new to our Monthly Outfit Deal idea every month we’re posting 1 complete outfit at a discounted price! You get a complete look that can be worn together or coordinated with other items in your wardrobe, and mystery surprises! All super discounted! 😀

gloomth wednesday addams blouse

This month’s features our “Pale Tuesday” blouse! With it’s Peter-Pan style collar and corset style lacing in the back, it’s the ideal blouse for layering under jumperskirts or wearing alone for a Wednesday Addam’s inspired look.

gloomth victorian bloomers

The deal also comes with our “Mon Chou” long bloomers! These pieces look adorable together but they also work beautifully in so many other outfits. Bloomers are great under dresses and skirts during cold weather for a touch of Victorian dolly style. Or wear them as “pants” for a comfortable daytime look.

Available in all sizes and colors- with a set of mystery accessories!!

Click here to check out November’s Outfit Deal!


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