Frivolous Friday Edition

Friday again! I felt like November was going to be a quiet month but events, shoots, and all sorts of things have all started popping up like crazy. So much for getting interesting photos for the Friday posts. 😉

Breakfast of champions! Soy frap' with whipped cream. :P
Breakfast of champions! Soy frap’ with whipped cream. 😛

I’m technically playing hooky today, well- a sort of “not much to do in the office so I’ll go out” hooky. I should be working on hair accessories for the holidays to put in our shop but I don’t feel very creative today! Instead I met an old friend downtown for lunch/shopping and that was very nice. I was early to meet her so I had time to sit in the touristy part of downtown and drink a novelty beverage and hang out watching people go by.

Tower of Balls!

I am still in awe of the towering buildings and the constant movement of the city in the downtown core. I grew up in a very rural place (town of >1200 people) and moved to the city when I was about 18/19.

IMGP4602I must learn to take acceptable outfit shots. I am wearing this ghastly (and fantastic) leopard print fuzzy coat I bought at the thrift shop last week! I walk everywhere and it’s been icy at night and all my winter coats are too big or just plain ratty so I’ve been desperate for something cute/warm. Found this reversible fuzzy one for $15 and it was brand new! So thrilled. Even if it’s the most unflattering coat ever. 😉


Vintage 1950s style kitten print dress! I probably wear this dress more than any of my frilly stuff as it’s just so ridiculous, and the colors make it super easy to coordinate.


I got new glasses recently! I haven’t had anything but black frames since I got my first pair at age 15, so this time I got a plastic pair in a “orange pekoe” color (see previous photo) and these wing-y tortoiseshell ones! Am super excited for new glasses! (Both from 🙂

Aw giant snuggly kitty.

Photo of Goblin on my lap (yes, I am wearing the skeleton onesie a lot).

We’ll have lots to share soon! Tomorrow is the Bat Cave party at Neutral (which we have sponsored) and next weekend is the Bat Cat Ball (I’ll post about that soon). And we have 3 more photoshoots before we take a break from those for the holidays! And our holiday dress release (which I am wicked excited to show you)!!!


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