Jewel Tones for the Holidays

It will soon be time to start planning your holiday party outfits! Whether it’s a work party or a family gathering where you want to look a little extra special, or New Years Eve. One trend we really like for the party season are jewel toned fabrics.

gloomth sorrow dress gothic lolita
Our “Sorrow” dress in plum!

Rich saturated colors create a lush feel in your ensemble and provide endless ways to coordinate with jewelry and accessories. We have two ideal jewel tones that we offer for almost all of our designs- Plum and Cranberry.

gloomth valance dress
Our “Valance” dress in cranberry!

Cranberry is well suited for the holiday event circuit, it’s red but with a bluish and warm undertone so it can easily be worn outside of the season. This color is flattering on many skin tones and looks decadent paired with gold jewelry and sparkle!

gloomth lolita jumperskirt
Our “Princess” dress in plum!

Plum is other perfect seasonal party hue we offer! It is really striking paired with black sparkling accessories and has a more Gothic or classic feel than cranberry.


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