Personal Friday Photo-post!

It’s Friday! I’m going to hold off on posting my costumes this year until next week as I still have 1 more party to attend in a costume. Recently I went on a Halloween Road Trip with some friends! It was an amazing day filled with haunted houses, thrift shopping (of course), and ice cream for lunch (yes, we are adults). 😀


Eyeballs were driving! Very scary!!!! 😛


It rained the entire day nonstop. Rain rain rain. It chased all but the most dedicated tourists out of the area so that was kind of great. As clearly we were dedicated tourists.

taeden hall IMGP4011

I had gotten new glasses the day before! Very excited about them as they are my first pair of not-black frames since I started wearing glasses 15 years ago! Truck stop bathroom selfies! 😛

nightmare's fear factory

Our first destination was the famous “Nightmare’s Fear Factory” which is the haunted house where they take your picture when you scream! Maybe you’ve seen the photos online of people freaking out against a damask wallpaper? Yeah, that’s the place. At one point during our tour of the pitch black haunted house I thought I was holding my friend’s hand and she kept trying to pull away, apparently I had been dragging one of the monster actors along with us thinking it was her- woops! 😛

haunted house niagara falls

We then did 1 more haunted house! This time it was one full of amazingly bad rubber skeletons and red lightbulbs. It was heaven, honestly. I so love those types of haunted houses.


My camera did a terrible job documenting the rubber displays inside of the haunted house. 😦

haunted house niagara falls

IMGP4059I made friends with this rubber scary butler guy. He’s just so *cute*!


Then we headed to an arcade intended for children which was kind of hilarious. They had this unsettling shooting range with a zombie wearing a pink shawl, rubber snakes, cacti, and weird disembodied hands…….

arcade game

IMGP4130 IMGP4134

I really love carnival graphics so I took a lot of photos of the games and machines. I will not subject you to 50 photos of carnival games and lights.


One of my friends won me a glorious prize playing the hammer-the-thing game! So fancy!


We did not actually go to this place but it’s just historical displays made out of sand. Sand. It did not look like much fun. You can just imagine kids being sent there for a field trip and sulking through the sand displays, heh.


Healthy lunch choices being made.


Then we did a lot of thrift shopping, which was excellent! I found this amazing 60s vintage wicker picnic bag!!!! 😀

I hope everyone is enjoying autumn and the events this time of year also!  Have a great weekend!


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