DIY Hair Clips and Lolita Bows Storage

Hello, my name is Taeden, and I am a hair accessories addict. Bows and clips and hair goodies of all styles and sizes are not safe from my clutches! I usually wear a small herd of them in my hair most days and love the detail such bits provide in my outfits. However storing them can be really annoying as tiny clips can get lost and bows get rumpled in boxes.


(Model Fine Lines being subjected to my “Put More Stuff On Your Head” styling method)

Today I’m showing you the ways I store my hair goodies! 🙂 As I’m sure I’m not the only hair-stuff addict out there (or I hope not). Both of these methods are easily completed in minutes and with supplies you may already have on hand.

lolita hair clip storage

1. Hair Clips Wall Storage- I set this system up last year and it’s been incredibly useful, I honestly don’t know how I managed before.

You will need:

-2 lengths of elastic. Mine were about 12″ long as I have a *lot* of clips, just vary it by how much space you want to use for storing clips and how many you have. Elastic should be about 1″ wide (the color doesn’t matter as it’s hidden by your clips), you can find packages of it at dollar shops.

-Pencil (or colored chalk to make a mark on your wall).

-Staples and staple gun. No, your “swingline” one for paper won’t work- you do need the construction sort. Alternately you could use nails but I found they ripped through the elastic eventually, staples spread out the stress of pulling/shifting the elastic and don’t damage your walls as much.

-Level. You can eyeball this alternately but a level will keep everything tidy! 

Find a space on your wall to set up the arrangement. Mine hangs in my bathroom between my medicine cabinet and weird medical box thing. Get your pencil/chalk and your level and make two marks where you’d like the ends of the elastic to be. Be sure to hold the elastic up to check the sizing, it should sit taught against the wall (slightly stretched) and not loose at all. Now hold the elastic in place and staple horizontally through the elastic near the end, thereby attaching it to the wall. Clip your clips and barrettes onto it! Voila!

I really like how this looks when full of my sparkling odd hair clips and goodies. It’s like accessory wall art, and keeps them out of reach of my mischievous kitties.

lolita hair bow storage

lolita hair bows

2. Lolita Bows Storage– If you wear lolita you have likely accumulated a small family of bows, they come pinned or clipped to clothing or are something that you buy separately to finish off outfits. They’re big and ungainly, they don’t fit well in drawers and get rumpled stored in boxes. My quick solution to this problem was to hang them up! You could easily vary this technique with different ribbon/string or how you place the arrangement in your space. 🙂

You’ll Need:

-A piece of grosgrain, velvet, cotton ribbon or cord. Satin frays and is too slippery, you need something that will hold some weight and does not stretch. Length varies by your needs and the sort of shape you’d like the arrangement to have ultimately. Mine was about 20″ long and I only have a small family of bows.

-2 small nails and a hammer or staples/staplegun. Tacks are not strong enough, you need furniture nails or something with heads to keep the ribbon/cord down. Staples and a staplegun could also work well for this (mine ran out of staples so I used little furniture nails).

-Pencil or colored chalk to mark the wall.

-Ruler or measuring tape.

Pick a space where you’d like to display your bows. Fortunately they look adorable arranged this way, like cute wall art almost. I hung mine above my bedroom mirror, so I could easily grab them when I am trying on outfits. Take your length of cord and tie bows in the ends that are the same size. Hold the cord up to where you’d like to hang it, try swagging or dipping it til you have it about how you’d like, try clippng/pinning on some bows to make sure it doesn’t hang too low when weighted. Take your pencil/chalk and measuring device and use it to mark where you’d like the bows in your cord to reside. Hold the cord bow in place and use your nail/hammer to attach it to the wall (hide the nail head or staple under one of the loops of the bow). Clip or pin your bows to the cord! Voila!

How do you like to store your hair accessories?



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