5 Halloween Gloomth Photoshoots

The Halloween countdown is on! We’re posting loads of costume ideas, decor inspiration, and all sorts of seasonal goodies throughout October to help get you in the haunting mood. 🙂

Here are five of our Halloween-appropriate photoshoots! Spooky stories, settings, and soirees abound. 

The Halloween Party

The Halloween Party” starring models Fine Lines, Kissobelle, and Emily. Photographed by the House of Pomegranates.

The Graveyard

The Graveyard“! We built our own graveyard with custom tombstones for this shoot! It features models Grayling, Fine Lines, CheshireCat, Emily, and Kissobelle and was shot by Russel Hall.


Carmilla” features Lily and CheshireCat and was inspired by the classic vampire story! Sink your fangs into this dark tale as photographed by Russel Hall.

A Dark Dream

A Dark Dream” features model Vamp decked out in shironuri and has a gorgeous eerie feel to the entire shoot! Photographed by Russel Hall.


Pumpkinhead” is a very old series of ours featuring model Mouse wearing a real carved pumpkin exploring an autumn garden! Yes, it was a very heavy pumpkin.


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