Still She Haunts Me Photoshoot!

gloomth clothing

While experimenting with spirit photography styles we created a ghost story photoshoot. Models Syringe and Grayling brought the narrative to life with the help of the House of Pomegranates’ beautiful style of photography! Just to get you in the autumnal and Halloween-y spirit before autumn arrives. 🙂

gloomth ghost and girl

The underlying theme in this series is the idea of death as a companion. The true guarantee, the shadow that keeps pace with us throughout life, as time progresses drawing nearer and nearer. Breathing promise and mystery.

gloomth girls reading
Memento Mori, remember mortality. There is some comfort in knowing all things will die, it diminishes the wounds of daily life and lends some perspective (at least to us, but we *are* the Cult of Melancholy). 

gloomth ghost girl

The entire story is posted in our facebook album!

Please post a welcome comment to Syringe who is fairly new to the Gloomth universe, we think she will make a wonderful addition to our strange little world.


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