Personal Friday Pictures!

On Fridays I’ve been trying to post non-Gloomth photos and updates from my life. This week is full of snaps from a recent visit to my parents’ home out on the St.Lawrence river and some others odds and ends. πŸ™‚


My bat kite flying high! Well, I suppose it’s a bat? It has red eyeballs on it and black scalloped wings…Devil kite? It looks a bit like a black umbrella here.


Me looking wind-blown and puffy-cheeked from an exhausting early morning long drive and then a non-stop day touring about with family. Also my freckles are officially out of control this summer!


Storm clouds rolling over the river. Lightning was lashing down from them but I didn’t manage any photos of that. Gorgeous purples and pinks!


Walking down the cottage road at dusk, through the little patch of woods. As a kid I was so frightened of this part of the road, the trees creep right up to the edges of the road and the woods always seemed so dark there.


Tree with a big hole in it’s belly! Too bad it wasn’t full of bats. There was some garbage down inside of it though!


Swimming in the river! The heart shaped blob is trying to hide my brother in law, who likely does not wish to be immortalized on my blog. πŸ˜‰


Trying to be puffier than the Puffy Kitty painting in my bathroom. SO PUFFY! Yes, that’s another damned nightie- I have not moved past my old lady nighties as dresses phase (is it still a phase if it lasts 5 years?).


Oh good another blurry and unflattering photo I have willingly posted on the internet. I bought a bear at a thrift store to eviscerate for an upcoming shoot. It was amusing walking home carrying this bear.


My attempts at getting the pretty flowers behind me in the photo by extending my arm like crazy were futile (I so need to bring my tripod with me). This is me trying to look harmless, so that the bear doesn’t get freaked out about coming home with me to be taken apart and re-purposed. πŸ˜‰

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and making the most of nice days and late sunsets! We still have a few weeks of the season left here (which means more time for me to continue to eat my weight in peaches and mangos).


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