Pyura Chilensis the Living Rock!

I am obsessed with the sea, primarily it’s inhabitants and especially those of the deeper parts! The oceans are full of incredible things and dark mysteries. Recently I found an article about the Pyura Chilensis- which looks pretty much like a gross wad of something or a rock with rudimentary guts inside of it.

pyura chilensis
Not my photo.

The Pyura Chilensis is actually an invertebrate sea creature, similar to sea-cucumbers or “sea squirts”. It feeds off of micro-organisms in the water which it collects by siphoning water through itself. They’re found off of the coast of Chili and Peru, and are fished commercially and eaten in local dishes (more gross looking rock-with-guts anyone?).

These lovely looking invertebrates often live in colonies or groups. However the creature develops both male and female gonads so that it can breed alone if it happens to exist without others nearby. How convenient!

For more information on these weird creatures check out this article.


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