Welcome to Our Photoshoots!

One thing we get a lot of questions about are our photoshoots. For us they’re the way we can bring you into our universe, to glimpse inside the strange and magical world of the ‘Cult of Melancholy. They are, however, the product of a lot of hard work contributed by many talented people!

At our recent shoot I snapped a ton of behind the scenes images, from the concept artwork to the makeup process to the shoot itself. Welcome to behind the scenes at a Gloomth photoshoot! 😀

gloomth photoshoot concept artwork

1. Concept Artwork: I begin sketches for the concept for the shoot as soon as we pick a date and book the models/photographer. For our smaller productions that’s usually a week or two ahead, for our themed lines or larger shoots this can be up to 2 months ahead. Concept art involves model posing ideas, makeup concepts, and set layouts. It helps me get the whole shoot clear inside of my head. The artwork sticks around, often being redone over and over, to be present at the shoot itself to help everyone get on board with the theme or story we’re telling. Here are some rough drawings created for our recent shoot!

2. Outfit Coordinating: A day or so before the shoot I pull all the clothing pieces out and press them. I’ll try all the outfits out on my mannequin ahead of time, so that I can see how the accessories and details will all come together. Lots of mixing and matching until it feels *just right*!


3. Makeup: The day of the shoot! I do all of the makeup for our shoots personally (control freak much?). We often handle the styling at my place so it’s convenient to arrange a kit and clean/prep all of the equipment needed. My dining room table gets taken over with the makeup kit items, accessories, etc. The snap above is from our recent shoot, where the makeup was quite minimal/simple compared to some of our other shoots.


4. Day Of: The models usually arrive first the day of the shoot and we set about doing the makeup. You can see the lovely CheshireCat waiting for her makeup above! The photographer arrives and everyone basically hangs out waiting for the makeup/styling to be finished.

gloomth photoshoots

5. Creating the Set: Many of our shoots have their own sets! I build props, paint backgrounds, and that sort of thing ahead of time. The day of the shoot, once makeup is done, we arrange the set if need be. This shoot took place outside and we set out the pieces we created on a nice grassy knoll. The photographer will also test out and set up their lighting during this time.


6. Shooting! Here we are live on set (well, live-ish). This is not very representative of our shoots as we’re working outside with a minimal set, but it will give you an idea of how it looks. Photographer in action, Tae doing behind the scenes snaps with her junk camera, models being awesome.

Voila! You’ve now been behind the scenes with us. The photoshoot featured here will be launched very soon, so stay tuned to see the finished product.

Any questions? 🙂


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