The Next Item to Overhaul!

We’re slowly recreating many of our classic designs. Some of the styles on our site have been in their current states since their launch, it’s time for some updates!


The next item on the list to be re-envisioned is our “Itoshii” top! It’s available presently in white with white lace and black with white. We’re going to be keeping the short sleeves (as we have lots of longer sleeved blouses already)- but otherwise the blouse needs some updates! I’ve always liked the shape of this top with it’s panelled waist and gathered bust details.

gloomth blouse

Fill out our quick anonymous poll below and let us know what to change! You’ll see the suggested changes in an upcoming re-release of the blouse. Thank you for your help! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Next Item to Overhaul!

  1. This top is too cute … ❤

    As a suggestion in general: pockets on everything!
    As the dresses and skirts are all awesomely poofy (!!!XD) it would be fairly easy to hide some nice and deep pockets without adding too much bulk. So we won't have to carry bags around to contain our daily need for an assortment of daggers, cupcakes and bottles of poison.

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