Winners of our Carmilla Fan Art Contest!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered our recent Carmilla Fan Art contest! We were blown away by the variety and talent of the entries! It’s amazing to see what this very old story has inspired in people today.

Thank you to everyone who promoted the entries and helped get so many votes and comments! It’s amazing to see so much excitement and it has been a very close race.

The grand prize winner was determined by quantity of “Likes” on the facebook album as of right now (winners will be emailled shortly regarding their prizes).

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS: Sara MacNeil! 384 Likes! Wow!!!!!!!!!!


The runner up was Cleo H! With her beautiful Carmilla inspired piece and 335 Likes! We could not get over the detail in this artwork!


The second prize winner has been determined by us at the ‘Cult, and not by popularity! Though this decision was incredibly difficult. There were so many beautiful pieces and such a variety of mediums and techniques!

THE SECOND PRIZE WINNER IS: Lilith Avalon! We loved how she incorporated the Carmilla outfits and our bunny into her piece!


To everyone who entered: We’ll be sending out a special thank you coupon code for each of you! Your artwork and participation is as important and exciting to us as anything! Thank you! :D!

We’ll leave the album up so if you’d like to check out the art it will be right here!


2 thoughts on “Winners of our Carmilla Fan Art Contest!

  1. Congratulations to not just the winners, but everyone!!! Your entries were all so very amazing! And thank you so much for giving everyone prizes, the gesture means very much!
    Thank you, and again, congrats! ~^.^~

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