DIY Fake Freckles

We’ve been asked the how-to question about the fake freckles seen in a few of our photoshoots! Freckles are girlish and sweet, an instantly youthful and adorable touch to a makeup look. In nature they’re caused by concentrated melanin in the skin, which darkens or spreads with sun exposure. Those in our shoots are only makeup, look quite natural, and are very easy to achieve!

Occult Practice

Here’s how we make the clusters of freckles shown on our models magically appear!


A red-brown matte eyeshadow (glitter or shimmer would not work for this). We used Kryolan‘s “red brown” (aka mahogany)  matte eyeshadow, it’s got great color saturation and Kryolan’s eyeshadows are of amazing quality.


A makeup brush with a pointed end. You can even use a brand new acrylic paint brush (as no blending or fanciness is required for this makeup technique).


(A face, you’re going to need a face for this. Or some piece of skin you’d like freckled….)

Step One: Wet the brush throughly with water.

Step Two: Swipe the damp brush across your eyeshadow to collect pigment. Make sure you wipe it at the edges of the eyeshadow to maintain the point of the brush bristles.

Step Three: Use the point to distribute freckle dots across the bridge of the nose and onto the upper cheeks. For the best results make sure the dots are different sizes and shapes, uniform dot shapes end up looking very cartoony/fake. Spread the dots almost randomly over the face, so they appear naturally spaced. Real life freckles are all sorts of sizes and clump together here and there.

Step Four (optional): Use a setting spray to lock the makeup freckles in place for longevity and to prevent smudging. We don’t usually bother with this step when using the freckles in a shoot, as our shoots are only 3-5 hours.

Voilà! A girlish touch to your makeup that’s easy and unique!



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