Carmilla Contest!

To spread the excitement of our recent collaboration with the House of Pomegrantes- an illustrated release of “Carmilla” and designs inspired by the story- we’re hosting a contest!

IMGP9183 copy

It’s the dead of winter, and the perfect time to explore the ancient myth of the vampire. Whether you believe in their existence or not, their magic is captivating and has inspired many films, stories, and all sorts of artwork!

How do you see your vampires? Elegant and plotting? Monstrous and unpredictable? Deceptively sweet? Create a piece of art inspired by vampires (bonus points for Carmilla as your inspiration)! It can be a drawing, painting, digital artwork, photo, costume, short story, poem, or any artistic endeavor you can imagine. There will be 2 winners picked!

Rules: One entry per email/mailing-address/person only. Open worldwide! Please submit your artwork by email to, “Carmilla Contest” in the subject line (winners will be contacted via email). All artwork will be posted in a facebook album in perpetuity (with your credit intact). Deadline for submissions is March 1st, winner will be announced on the 5th here in the ‘zine.

First Prize Winner will be chosen by “likes” on facebook! We’ll post your artwork in a special album on the page (HERE) and the one entry with the most “likes” will win the big prize! So be sure to promote your entry to your friends to accumulate “likes”. 😀

Second Prize Winner will be chosen by Taeden and House of Pomegranates, we’ll pick our favorite entry of all of them (“likes” quantity has nothing to do with this selection).



 Grand Prize: The artwork with the most “likes” in our album will win the grand prize. Includes- Your choice of either our “Laura” or “Carmilla” dress, made to measure! A signed copy of Carmilla! A signed by the artist print of one of the original plates from Carmilla! Handmade mystery design necklace made by designer That Green Haired Chick! Wow!

Second Prize: The artwork we choose as our personal favorite will win a $75 Gloomth gift certificate as well as a copy of our illustrated Carmilla book!


Questions? Please let me know via email. 🙂




11 thoughts on “Carmilla Contest!

    1. We will only be doing one contest for Carmilla I think, and this would be it. 🙂

      We do host small giveaways and contests throughout the year but only 1 or 2 big ones like this. 🙂

  1. Oh gosh…I only found out about this today! I won’t have time to draw anything but, I do have a photo. Just want to check if it would be acceptable. It’s a rose, that looks like it is bleeding. Could I enter that? Please let me know!

    1. Yes, photos are totally acceptable.

      We will likely be extending the deadline on Monday as well, so you should have more time if you want to make something else. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! I think I will use the photo, but may take the time to work on it a bit more. I really like it…hauntingly pretty, but disturbing and unnatural, as I always imagine Carmilla to be. I will maybe call it Carmella’s Camelia! (Not really…) But will think of a short description/story to go with it, to make it a bit more vampire-esque.

        How do I submit it? I expect it will be a large file, considering if I attach it to a story, it will be done in a poster style I think…thanks! Super excited!! I haven’t bought any new clothes in a long time, was looking through your site, am going to save up for a pair of bloomers (love them) and voila! Saw the contest on Liisa’s FB page! Whooooop! Thanks!

  2. I’m quite interested in entering (at first was nervous because, really, how to do the vampire myth justice? But I won’t know til I try!) and I’m going to probably be writing prose or poetry. I notice there isn’t any word limit given, is there one? Or just a recommendation of how long it should be? I tend to become -coughahem- just a wee bit carried away if I don’t know how much I should be writing.

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