Bleeding Heart Dove

If we had to choose an official bird for Gloomth (apart from the Goth Chicken in our farm photoshoot) it would be the Luzon Bleeding-Heart Dove of the Philippines!

No, I didnt take these photos. But couldnt find credits for who did either? 😦

Otherwise quite unremarkable looking, these birds posses a startling marking on their chest which resembles a bleeding wound! A cluster of blood red feathers that appears to soak outwards into their plumage, like a little bleeding heart.


The perfect bird for a Gloomth Valentine, really. 😉


6 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart Dove

  1. I find it so pathetic that I’ve never even heard of this bird.I’m from Luzon and I’ve lived here all my life XD

    1. Heh! Maybe it’s just propaganda and the tourism board of Luzon decided to fake this amazing bird to get people to come and try and see it (except it doesnt exist). They probably just spray painted some pigeons for the photos! 😛

      1. SORRY to say but it really exist. we have some of it.. and give a good luck to us.. we don’t abuse it we usually take care injured birds that missing or can’t fly we help them to survived again but for their own sake we don’t let them go in wild anymore.

  2. i’m from manila and we found that bird in bicol area.. that bird give so much fun not because we played them caused its sound very different than the other bird. sounds they create dont have same blend of music they create a new song and u will be scared if your going to hear them at night because its sound a big man tuning his voice.

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