Wendys Song!

Recently I was contacted by a fan of ours on the other side of the planet! I am always thrilled at how this label allows me to connect with people in distant places, and of all ages and walks of life. 🙂

Wendy is a young student in Taipei City and recently wrote a song with a friend of hers for a competition among the schools there. In the accompanying music video she is wearing our “Tuesday” top!

She sent me the song recently and I was so touched. It’s clear these girls are very talented! I am so flattered our clothing was included in the video and the song is beautiful. We hope you like it also!

Here’s what Wendy had to say about the piece:

My friend Delphi and I wrote the song together. She had wrote some song before, just for fun. And we were talking about working together for a very long time since I’m more good at writing and she can do beautiful music. And I came up with the idea of this song last November(it’s a part of my Diary) . We didn’t aim to join the competition (it’s hosted by a college for any college student all over our country to join) at first. I saw the poster and think maybe we can join it since we are working on a song. ( The benefit for join the competition is that we finish the song faster. lol. We didn’t win any prize but that’s fine, we had a great experience.) And we’re currently working on our next song, it’s inspired by Virginia Woolf’s a room of one’s own.

And about the inspration of The Reverse of My Reverse.
There’s a saying that behind the mirror has another world. When you look into the mirror, the reflection is your reserve, not the real you. I wonder the definition of the word “real me”. Does real me really exist? Or, what others see on me is like the reflection I look into the mirror, not the true me but still me. It’s a kind of equivocal. People are finding their ego through their life journey. Sometimes we get lost, and then we learn. Sometimes we doubt, and then understand. Sometimes we get hurt, and then become stronger. The title, The Reverse of My Reverse means when using another mirror to reflect one’s reflection, the reverse of the second mirror could be his or hers superposition. If the mirror can reflect our ”real identity”, then maybe one day we could know who we really are. So, believe in ourselves no matter facing what difficulties and the answer would be clear someday.
And if the adorable readers are interested in our song or want to give us comments, they can reach me at my blog http://ribbonworkshop.blogspot.tw/. “



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