Heat Wave!

There’s a heat wave starting where we live. Nasty high humidity and full on wretched sickening thick-as-soup heat begins today. Summer is hard enough to dress creatively for without these sorts of icky weather days.

So to inspire those of you dealing with sweltering heat here’s what we wear to deal with the weather.

Bored Bunny

Cotton! Natural fibres are the answer on hot days, they breathe and help you stay cool unlike synthetic ones. Many of our dresses are available in unbleached raw 100% cotton, such as our “Lapin du Morte” dress. The “Lapin du Morte” is great because of it’s airy un-clingy shape, no fabric pressing against your already warm skin. And it has pockets! 😉


Bloomers and pettipants! Cute airy shorts are perfect pieces to cute-up your favorite casual t-shirt and sneakers look. We love them as undergarments but in the summer they make perfect shorts and capris for hot weather coordinates.

Catalogue Photos

Sleeveless tops! Our “Eulalie” bodice top is not quite sleeveless with it’s little ruffle trimmed cap sleeves but it’s a great warm weather option. Airy cotton blend means it breathes well and it looks great with bloomers or skirts.

What do you wear on hot days?


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