Striped Stockings and the Wolf

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A young Canadian fan of ours, Melissa, recently sent us this amazing photoshoot she did featuring our discontinued “Agnes” dress! It’s inspired by our “Terrible Tea Party” photostory.

*Yes, we know the link was messed up. Issues with the flickr uploader, will have it fixed very soon! Thanks for your patience! :)*

Here’s what she had to say about this amazing piece:

I was very much inspired by Gloomth’s horribly hilarious photoseries ‘Terrible Tea Party’ and ‘Little Miss Muffet and the Horrible Spiders’, and I would not have made ‘Striped Stockings and the Plush Wolf’ had I not read those first. I also thought of how so many fairytales involve wolves as the scheming, eat-everything-in-their-path characters, when wolves are actually cautious and afraid of humans. So I wondered if in stories like Little Red Riding Hood, it was actually something small and silly that started them in the first place. Enter, deaf wolf plushie. A thank you to my sister who took the excellent pictures, despite it being hours past her very diurnal bedtime, and therefore enduring nearly falling over from exhaustion multiple times.

You can read some of her prose in the online magazine “Vine Leaves” here: (Her prose, Unnamed, is on page 55 under the alias Isa Lenor.)

We will be featuring some more fan made magic very soon, so if you have created something inspired by Gloomth and would like to show us we’d be thrilled to see it!

A huge thank you goes to Melissa for making this, we are so deeply flattered and in awe of her mad photo skills. 🙂


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