Union Jack Flag Dress

I really do not model, it never really occurred to me to for the website, as I am far happier art directing/styling shoots than being in them. However, we have had quite a few requests to show our clothing on models who are not size “smalls” (I believe all sizes of women are beautiful, but the majority of models who have applied to work with us have been smaller). Since I am definitely not a “small” I decided to swallow my photo anxiety and snap some of my own photos in my Union Jack dress.

It was *so* windy/sunny.

I also think it’s really important to express that there are all kinds of “attractive”, I so want to insert a giant essay about size-shaming and fat/skinny-bashing but I’ll save you my griping (well, there will be *some* griping, but not as much). For me, it’s about not buying into some stupid arbitrary bullshit engineered by ad-execs to make women feel unworthy and therefore buy products as an attempt to gain access to that unreachable realm of “attractive”. My designs aren’t here to “make” you hot, you already are hot. When I design clothes, I want to think of all sorts of women/men/transfolk wearing them- of all shapes and sizes and races. I want my designs to give creative and unique individuals just another way to express themselves, to feel as awesome as they already are. 

I am freckly (extremely so in summer), I’m a ginger (albeit with grey and black streaks), and I am not a size “small” (I have a 43″ chest- FOURTY THREE INCHES)- and I am happy about all three of those things and if I listened to society I’d be told all three are negative qualities. Who the hell made up these rules anyway? You know how much I hate rules. 😉

(Sorry, I know, rare personal post).

You can check out the rest of my photos here in our flickr! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Union Jack Flag Dress

    1. Thank you! Oh, I took over 150 photos and got 18 usable ones from the batch, so statistically speaking that’s like 10-15% photogenic, heh. 😛

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