Plaid Corset Skirt

Once upon a time I had a wretched head-cold and was at our rented studio location at the time working when I received a call from a charming Scottish lass. She was heading on tour with the Proclaimers and wanted to wear our “Tartan” plaid skirt on stage! (Cue my squeal of excitement, I loooove dressing performers!) She also recommended something called a “hot toddy” for my cold, which I tried later on and then lost the rest of the day to (heh).

She sent me a bunch of stage/tour photos which were so thrilling for me. It always amazes me where our clothes end up, the idea of something that was once just a drawing now being worn halfway across the planet or on stage with a band who’s lyrics I actually know.

That plaid skirt, in it’s original incarnation, has long since sold out- however, due to very popular demand: We will be relaunching it! 😀

I’ve managed to get some suitable plaid (yes RED, and cotton this time), so once we have a sample finished and photographed it will be available once more. As before, it will be a limited edition design. We like to keep this one rare. So do stay tuned if you missed out on the red Tartan skirt originally.


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