Gloomth and Velvet Mechanism CONTEST!


What a perfect time of year for a giveaway! While our thoughts are turned towards gifts for those we love, it’s sometimes nice to get a little gift for yourself! 😀

Our dear friend Alison runs the beautiful Velvet Mechanism jewelry label. You might recognize her and some of her designs from our catalogue photos.


We are huge fans of her beautiful handiwork and exquisite blend of steampunk and Victorian styles.

Gloomth has teamed up with Velvet Mechanism to bring you a giveaway right before the holidays!

Prize: 1 Art Deco Shield Necklace from Velvet Mechanism and 1 $75 Gloomth gift certificate!

Info on the Necklace:

Steampunk Antiqued Silver Art Deco Shield Necklace with Rare Thin Vintage Watch by Velvet Mechanism! This is a beautiful and unique steampunk necklace. It features an authentic, rare, thin-rectangular vintage watch securely mounted on a lovely, antiqued silver Art Deco, shield-style mounting and a matching antiqued silver necklace chain. It also has a Swarovski antiqued bronze pearl bead at the bottom. It’s perfect for any feminine steampunk outfit! It is incredibly detailed – I love looking at all the tiny cogs and gears. Plus, this watch still has a few of the original tiny rubies! The watch movement dates from around 1900 to the 1940s and was made by Elba Watch Co. The chain measures about 16″, and the pendant measures about 2″ tall. There’s been some talk recently about the danger of radium (a radioactive material) in some vintage watch parts. I want to assure you that I have tested all of my materials with a Geiger counter, and all of them are NON-radioactive and safe, so you can feel secure buying Velvet Mechanism creations! The necklace comes in a nice black gift box, and will be shipped by Priority Mail right to you!

This necklace retails for $45!



Take a peek through the Velvet Mechanism and Gloomth’s catalogues and tell us what your favourite items are as a comment on this blog entry!

Example: I love the steampunk cufflinks from Velvet Mehcanism and the Dorian blouse from Gloomth!

(Thank you to anyone who shared our profiles on facebook but apparently even that is against their policy for contests.)

Details: The winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, November 22nd 2011. One entry per person. Winner will need to provide a mailing address.

Questions? Email me.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


32 thoughts on “Gloomth and Velvet Mechanism CONTEST!

  1. Well, for Gloomth stuff I *have*, I’d say the Itoshii tops– there’s a reason I have two. Of the things I don’t have and have always wanted, I’d say the Verdant dress is at the top there.

    Out of Velvet Mechanism’s stuff (which I’ve never looked at before!) I really like the Antiqued Silver “ghosts” pendant. As a librarian, text is always going to get me.

  2. I always look at Gloomth and it’s always a little bit of torture, so much to desire. I still covet the Verdant dress. ❤
    For Velvet Mechanism I think the Antiqued Brass Ornate Feather Wing Earrings with Filigree and Burgundy Swarovski Crystal Beads would be a lovely match. ^.^

  3. My favorite Gloomth item has to be the Vrai Noir coat. It is simply gorgeous. My favorite Velvet Mechanism peice (so far) is the Steampunk Silver Filigree Necklace with the gorgeous purple stone. I love the watch centerpeice chokers, as well, but clockwork tends to stop working if it’s around me for very long…

  4. I covet Gloomth’s Pewter dress. It’s bold and delicate at the same time, just gorgeous.

    Velvet Mechanism has so many gorgeous pieces that it’s hard to choose just one. The Antiqued Brass Halfpence Earrings are a definite favourite though, so beautiful.

  5. I have to pick only two things?

    My favorite Velvet Mechanisms pieces are the clock hands earrings – I’m a sucker for garnet colored anything!

    For gloomth, my favorite would have to be the Inperial Striped corset jacket.

  6. The Ghost Skirt has always been my favorite item from Gloomth and I’d have to say that the Steampunk Antiqued Silver Necklace with the Glow-in-the-Dark Octopus is my favorite piece from Velvet Mechanism. ❤

  7. For gloomth I would have to go with the Antiquated overcoat, both the cut and the colour is delightful. And for Velvet mechanism I would have to go with the Steampunk Dramatic Black Octopus Necklace, it is the perfect amount of elegant and playful!

  8. I’ve always drooled over the Vrai Noir coat from Gloomth and the Gothic Lolita inspired designs. The Scarlet corset skirt is another piece I like.

    The chest harnesses from Velvet Mechanism are very edgy, though I’d probably go with the clock hand earrings. My workplace and field is kinda conservative, so I know the earrings would really brighten up my day.

  9. I so love Gloomth! I really enjoy the dark darling look of the Miss Agnes tiered dress.

    Velvet mechanism is wonderful. I like their chokers (especially the black velvet clockwork ones, and the leather D-ring one), but hands down the chest harnesses are the coolest. I’m thinking one could wear it with Gloomth’s Itoshii top and the Amaryllis skirt…

  10. It’s impossible to narrow down my favorite items from Gloomth…I heart the Vrai Noir Autumn Coat but the Verdant Ruffle Lace Dress is a close second, although I’ve been eyeing the Amaryllis Tiered Skirt and Wicked Thursday Corset Top. Too many choices….Velvet Mechanism has some amazing pieces. I love the Steampunk Gothic Lolita Neo-Victorian Cameo Ornate Filigree Silver Pin Brooch but the Steampunk Gothic Vampire Spooky Antiqued Silver Victorian-Style Necklace with Vintage Text GHOSTS is extremely intriguing!

  11. My favorite Gloomth item (for the moment, anyway) is the Ghost Skirt, and I love the Steampunk Gothic Lolita Silver Filigree Multi-Chain Necklace with Vintage Watch and Purple Beads by Velvet Mechanism!

  12. I love the Velvet Mechanism Steampunk Chest Harness in black… so edgy and awesome!!! And the Shiro Lilly dress is probably my favorite from Gloomth, though I’d love it in black too!!! 🙂

  13. On Gloomth, the Miss Agnes Tiered dress is on my list of items to buy if I ever am independently wealthy. I also am in love with the Coffin Coat and pretty much any of the skirts.

    I was somehow unaware of Velvet Mechanism before I found out about it through this contest. That said, I now have about a million new additions to the independently wealthy list. The spat corset is so great, as are the corset harnesses… I also love the chokers on teh velvet ribbons and the Celtic choker at the end.

  14. I love the Steampunk Chest Harness (BLACK Faux Leather Underbust Bodice with Silver Gears, Buckles, Chain, and Antique Keys) by Velvet Mechanism and I really love the Aristocracy blouse from Gloomth. I have it in black already and would love to add get one in white as well.

  15. I really like the Antiqued Brass Filigree Hair Clip with Vintage Watch from Velvet Mechanism. I’m not too much into wearing jewelry, but I do enjoy unique pieces. I’ve got long wavy hair and cool hair clips are must haves for me.
    From Gloomth, I enjoy my “Regent Sovereign ” Victorian velvet frock coat, which I bought years ago. It’s one of the coolest items I own.

  16. I believe that the Gloomth catalogue has a lot of items I truly adore, but if i had to narrow it down, I think that my absolute favourites would be the Mon Chou Victorian Bloomers and the Vrai Noir Autumn Overcoat (I LOVE that coat)

    There are also a lot of really amazing pieces at Velvet Mechanism, but I think I am in LOVE with the Antiqued Silver Victorian Styled Necklace with the Octopus Cameo. It’s so pretty and yet still subtly Cthulhu, it’s awesome! The Clockwork Butterfly Necklace is also really eye-catching.

  17. I love the Steampunk Antiqued Silver Victorian-Style Necklace with Glow-in-the-Dark Octopus Cameo Tentacles and the Steampunk Dieselpunk Vintage WWII Military Spat Corset from Velevet Mechanism.

    I love the Avarice long sleeve shrug, the Plums of Death and Ghost skirt, the cotillion dress and the Vrai noir overcoat from Gloomth.

  18. Hm…

    It’s always so hard to pick a favorite since I love so many of the Gloomth productions, but I think I like the elegant lines the most, such as: the Opiate Skirt and Aristocracy Blouse. I really like the flocked and textured materials as seen in the Ghost Skirt and the Incendiary Dress so I’d really like to see more of that too.

    As for Velvet Mechanism… EVEN HARDER! I love clockwork mechanism with such a passion, but I think some of my favorites would be the chest harnesses (who doesn’t love Steam Pirates???), the silver key hair sticks, and the more ornate clockwork necklaces. Can you say: Love at first sight?

  19. I think the most awesome pairing is the Velvet Mechanism Steampunk copper chest harness along with Gloomth’s Aristocracy’s gothic Blouse. A fitting addition to any Victorian Ladies closet 😉

  20. I liked everything on both sites! But if I had to choose I would choose the Vrai Noir overcoat from Gloomth and the silver filigree hairclip from velvet Mechanism. Thank you!

  21. I like the Horsley velvet blazer and the Steampunk Unisex Brass Oval Ring with Vintage Watch Movement and Thick Band by Velvet Mechanism.

  22. Ooh! Personally, I love the Vrai Noir Coat from Gloomth, though your Opiate skirt is a verrrry close second.

    As for Velvet Mechanism, I’d have to go with the Steampunk Antiqued Silver Filigree Cuff Bracelet with Vintage Watch with Wavy Stripes. Whoo! That was a long title. 😀 It’s lovely, and looks like it might actually fit my small wrist. (Being adjustable is a HUGE plus for me.)

  23. Too many beautiful options…but to make a choice right now I would like to have the
    Chevalier D’Eon Uniform Vest with Grey Trim from Gloomth
    and the Steampunk Brass Military Medal – Coin by Velvet Mechanism

  24. I love the steampunk gothic noir black filigree cuff bracelet with rare dark vintage watch by velvet mechanism and the sorrow dress from gloomth~

  25. I’ve loved Gloomth for quite some time now and at the moment i’m oogling their Academy Day Dress. It is adorable!

    And I can’t pick a favorite between the steampunk chokers with watches. They are too cute.

  26. I’ve been adoring Gloomth for some time now. My favorite of the moment is the Academy Day Dress. It is so cute!

    I couldn’t pick a favourite out of the steampunk velvet watch chokers. Those are perfect.

  27. Love both sites and so hard to choose. Finally went with the the Cheri Ruffled Pettipants from Gloomth and Steampunk Ring with Vintage “Tab Set” Typewriter Key from Velvet Mechanism. Hope I win!

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