Gloomth at Salon Noir

This past Sunday was the second Salon Noir in Toronto! This event just keeps getting better and better. We were thrilled to be asked to present a fashion show. For those that follow us with any regularity you know we *never* do live events, we’re a little reclusive.

Back stage before the show!

We had so much fun creating the distinct looks for the show! With the help of our rock star hair stylist Jen Cutting, and makeup by VDH. Our models were (from left to right) Nicole Necromance, Eve, CheshireCat, Veruca Cyn, FineLines, and Nymeria! Everyone rocked their look!!!

CheshireCat and FineLines waiting for our show.

There’s a whole album of behind the scenes silliness in our facebook and we will be uploading videos to youtube shortly!!!

Me wearing my "BadCloud" hair clip waiting to go on in the overheated dressing room.

You can see some really great photos of the event itself by Dylan in flickr (CLICK HERE). πŸ™‚ He also took the ones you see below.

Salon Noir II 015

Salon Noir II 007

Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer us on!!!!


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