Tae’s H’Ween Costume Part 2

As I mentioned, I had two costumes for Halloween this year. After completing a formal photoshoot in my Black Rabbit of Inle outfit I realized how annoying it would be to go dancing all night in a 52″ black wig and veil, not to mention being swathed in layers of velvet! So I quickly threw together something comfortable for dancing, and a little silly.

I call it GuroTaeden. Sort of a blend of GuroLoli and my own wardrobe. It’s definitely not traditional lolita in any respect, but it was a lot of fun to dance in. 🙂

I live in a basement apartment and the only room that has decent lighting is the bathroom, so I take a lot of really lame self portraits standing in there.

You might recognize the head-piece from our Gurololita photoshoot. You can’t really see it in these photos but it has a big plastic doll’s eye in the middle. Heh! I was pretty excited about my quickie makeup job, but the giggling probably ruined the spooky-factor. *shrug*

Obligatory annoying mirror-outfit photo! My closet looks extra-disorganized in this shot. There’s also a big purple stuffed squid-hat on the bed behind me.

So that was my going-dancing Halloween costume.

Did anyone else have 2 costumes for Halloween? 😀


About gloomth

Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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2 Responses to Tae’s H’Ween Costume Part 2

  1. Jayne says:

    I had two costumes too! I was a gothy ballerina AND a pirate.

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