St.Gloomth Academy

Here at the ‘Cult we have long been huge fans of House of Pomegranates, and their team of peculiar sisters never cease to inspire us. In the dead cold of this past winter Gloomth began it’s foray into their dark and romantic world. We have been diligently collaborating together on our new sub-label “St.Gloomth Academy“!

gloomth men's line

Yes, our very long and anxiously awaited men’s line! Though it isn’t a men’s line anymore, the label has both men’s and women’s clothing with a decadent prep-school gone undead feel. A distillation of a concept we have been gushing about for months, with amazing customization options and gorgeous fabrics. Really, we’re all pretty thrilled around here!

The new line will be launching very soon. We are actually shooting the first formal series of model photos for it this coming weekend, so we should have the clothing available for purchase shortly thereafter.

We will also be hosting a Jumble Sale of HoP’s remaining stock! They have some incredible clothes so this will be a perfect time to get some great wardrobe staples before the holidays.

In the meantime do take a moment to bask in the haunting loveliness of the most recent release from House of Pomegranates, this incredible video:



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