Be a Winter Fawn for Halloween!

The thrill of our Bespoke styles is that once we have made the few we intended to in that fabric they disappear! Gone! Poof! Our “Clandestine” dress is nearly sold out. We have perhaps enough left to make 1 or 2 of these gorgeous dresses.

It’s super easy to create our Winter Fawn style for Halloween or a special event!

*The adorable hand-made antlers are from Gypsy-Roses! We mounted them on plastic headbands to make them easy to wear. They have tons of different antlers and horns to choose from also. You could also make your own antlers out of air-dry clay!

*The wigs our models wore in the shoot were found on ebay (about $20). They’re just cheap costume wigs with bangs we trimmed to suit. Any costume store will be well stocked with similar ones this season in a variety of colors and styles!

*We paired the dresses with black finger-less lace gloves ($4 at Ardene!) and cream colored tights but they’d work just as well with black tights or otks.

Ethereal and haunting!


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