Lady Rakasha- Gothic Makeup

Lady Rakasha is one of our ferocious models but she also happens to be a makeup expert! She wrote us this little article on foundations for achieving that ivory-pale Gothic appearance! 🙂


In Search of the Right White

When it comes to make up the most important part of the overall look is a flawless base . If the foundation is not the right colour and not applied correctly, it can ruin the entire look.  So it is imporant not only to have the right application technique, be it with a sponge or brush, but also to find the perfect match.

 Now for us fair skinned gothic beauties this tends to be a bit of a challenge. Many foundations come in a variety of shades, however, for those like myself who are very fair skinned it can be a quite the difficult hunt to find the perfect shade. Thus I became cosmetologist on a mission and set out to  comprise a list of a few great foundations that should match your porcelain faces to a T! All of which can be found at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, or The Bay for those of you in Canada, or online for everyone else.

 To start things off we have TRUblend by Covergirl #405. This perfectly pale liquid make up contains colour spheres that not only match your skin tone, but merge with your skin for the perfect look. It is designed to work with the TRUblends line of make up #1-6. (Being so fair for example we’d all be #1, and therefore your corresponding pressed poweder, blush etc. would also be a #1). This liquid foudnation glides on nicely and feels smooth to the touch. It gives great coverage and lasts the day needing minimal to no touch ups and sells for $14.99.


Next we have True Match Super-Blendable Makeup by L’oreal. This is a really great product because it not only matches your skin tone, but the texture as well, so its not heavy on your skin.( it too has coordinating blush, poweder etc.) It’s numbering is based on the underlinging skin tones, (warm, cool and neutral) and the level of colour pigmentation is numbered. For the fairest of young ladies for example, you would choose between W1,N1 or C1. ( The best way to check which matches you best is to use a sponge and apply a stripe on your jaw line, seeing which one blends best.) There are no oils, fillers that clog pores, or fragrences in its ingredience, so it is a good choice for all skin types. The coverage is also a key selling point, as it allows you to fully control the amount of coverage you wish to achieve. This product is a bit more than the one from Cover girl, costing $17.99 but it’s well worth the extra money.


Gosh cosmetics has to be by far one of my personal favorite make up lines. Their X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in porcelain is a fantastic long lasting make up suitable for the palest of pale girls.  Its soft, creamy texture gives the skin an even, natural, matte finish and maximum coverage. This is because it a contains light reflecting pigments as well as  micro colour . It also contains vitamin e, sun protection and is fragrence free which makes this a fantastic choice for the summer. It is very flexible and doesn’t dry out the skin making the perfect base for any make up look coming in at a cost of $22.


For those of you who prefer a powder and something more natural, Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Poweder Foundation is an amazing choice. This product has many benifits for your skin as well as providing you with a great full  coverage. The 4-in-1 Pressed Powder is made of, you guessed it all pure natural ingredience, and therefore does not contain harsh chemicals, perservatives, fragrecnes etc. which makes it a wonderful choice for all skin types. It contains organic shea butter, vitamin E, titanium and zinc amoung many other beautiful natural ingrediecne that provides a barrier on your skin from from outdoor elements and keeps it from drying out. It’s easy to use, quick to apply and has a lovely smooth texture. This fantastic foundation is a great addition to your on the go make up kit, and rings in at $30.


 The next is one of my personal favorites, coming from a dermatological brand called Cover FX and is by far the most superior of foundations. It is the first choice in flawless looking skin by dermatologist and their foundations come in every shade from the darkest of dark to the palest of pale while also having many great benifits for your skin.

With no further adue I give you the award winning Cover FX Cream 2- in- 1 concealer and foundation. With just a small amount, this product gives optimum coverage and is great for covering imperfections including everything from ance, to post-surgical bruising and tattoos while creating a natural, dewy finsih. It also gives protection from enviromental pollutents, sheilds the skin from the wind and contains an spf of 30. It is non-comedogenic, and contains no oils, parabens or fragrences, meaning it is suitble for all skin types. Now picking a colour in this brand may take a bit of work, as they have approximately 30 shades, but i assure you, you wont regret it. This again all goes by the under lining skin tone ( warm, cool and netural) so when picking foundation its very important to know your skin tone. Now being that we are talking about palenss, it narrows your search quite a bit, however, if you want to be sure I suggest when going into Shoppers that you talk to your cosmetician, they will gladly work with you to find the perfect match. Regardless, their palest shade is the E0, so you may want to start looking with that particular shade. Over all this amazing product is by far the best you can get costing only $39.

No matter which one you decide is best for you, all of these foundations give great performance and serve their purpose well, providing a flawless base that matches your skin tone leaving you line free. Because lets face it, no one likes looking like they’re wearing a mask.

For any make up, skin care or hair care reviews, questions or tutorials you would like me to address send me an email at !

5 thoughts on “Lady Rakasha- Gothic Makeup

  1. your article was informative and I will look into those brands… But I have a question my skintones on the other end of the color scheme like Soft Honey is the color powder I use… I’m into the gothic lolita look but when it comes to the makeup portion I’m lost on what foundation and powder shade to use I wanna get the pale affect w/o it looking to costume~y…

    1. That maybe a bit of a challenge due to the fact that you have a darker complexion. For people who are a bit paler that want to look like they have a bit of a tan, they have bronzer. Unfortunately there isn’t much to make you look paler without looking kinda costumey. Using a foundation that is too light for your skintone can even make you look a bit sickly. It may not look as bad with powders, as compared to cream foundations, but it isn’t usually recommended. Regardless, if you’d like to try something a few shades lighter, i suggest seeing your local cosmetican at a Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay, Sears etc. & get them to try some different powders, so you can see the affects before making a commitment & purchasing anything. I’d look at something like the Cover FX powders, because they have a larger selection of shades to chose from & they give great coverage. Due to the fact it covers so well, & is still a powder it may not make you look as costumy or like a cake face, as the other products might, & it won’t dry out your skin. If you’re not happy with the results, instead of going for the paler skin aspect, try doing something with your eyes more dramatic. The next article I’m working on is going to be focused on how to create different gothic/lolita styled looks for your eyes. Hopefully this response & that article will be helpful to you. =]

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