Creepy Kawaii Tea Party

I’m super behind posting my photoshoots on the zine but I will endeavor to get caught up as quickly as I can! Today’s shoot is a Creepy Kawaii Tea Party theme, complete with blood splattered cakes filled with doll parts.

The hardest part of this shoot was trying to get my ancient cat to stop licking the cakes (he will do anything for vanilla baked goods).

Dolly Momoiro and Yasmine brought the concept to life with their unique personal styles! They’re wearing a variety of Gloomth designs.

We did experience one rather startling accident during the shoot- we lit a doll’s hair on fire! Woooops! I managed to capture it in a video I was making which you can see in this tiktok:

See the rest of the shoot on flickr!

Shop these outfits here!


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