On Progress

Back in about 2015 I took over all of the photography end of things for Gloomth myself. After a slew of bad experiences with photographers who were creepy, or didn’t show up, or yelled at models (wtf dude uncool), or sent me maybe 2 images after a day’s work I gave up managing that mess and spent some time learning photography. My biggest regret is I didn’t do it sooner!

I absolutely love creating shoots for Gloomth, building environments and sets for our models, and collaborating on unique visions every time. It’s a ton of work but it’s super rewarding.

Sometimes if I am less than thrilled with how a shoot turned out I can forget how far my work has actually come. How much I have improved and become a better artist through the many hundreds of shoots I’ve done since 2015.

The images above are two I have styled/shot- on the left is from this week’s shoot and the right is from 2015! I didn’t think I had really evolved that much until I looked at these images.

So if you’re working on a new skill and it feels like you aren’t making any headway here’s my reminder that you absolutely are! Keep going! A couple years from now you’ll look back at what you made before and it’ll seem like another person’s work entirely.


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