Autumn Lolita Photoshoot

In amongst all of the spooky and Halloween themed shoots I did in October I also managed to fit in this super dreamy lolita fashion shoot with Linda! The finished photos are so pretty and feminine, and a nice change from the kinds of shoots I have been coordinating this fall. The weather that day was absolutely beautiful and we lucked into some beautiful autumn leaves as a backdrop also.

Linda wore our “Havisham” dress with knee socks and black shoes for a simple coord reminiscent of old-school lolita styles. I love how wearable this outfit is with the low pouf petticoat and simple accessories. We see so many over the top coordinates these days filled with accessories and details- and I love a LOT of detail- but it’s hard to wear that type of outfit in daily life (let alone get up early enough to put it all together). 😉

You can see the entire photoshoot on our flickr!

Shop this dress on our site!

Linda’s nail art account on instagram!


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