Witchy Inspiration

Looking for an easy costume idea using items you can easily find or might already have in your closet? Today I wanted to feature a bunch of the witch themed photoshoots I’ve styled/shot over the years to help inspire your costume for this month’s festivities! These looks all center on various Gloomth dresses, which always make a statement (but feel free to sub in your favorite dress, I’m not the boss of you).

A witch is a fairly broad term costume-wise! Usually people think of the green skinned Mother Shipton inspired pantomime witch- but there are a lot of directions a witchy costume can go. From gothic and seductive to kawaii and autumnal! You can really build your own character and style of witch.

For autumn themed witchy looks I usually add fake foliage and flowers in warm colors, I’ll also pin necklaces into the hair around the little costume-shop witch hat we used (shown in the main photo). For goth-i-er witches I keep the colors minimal and accented by black or jewel tones. Adding pops of bright fun colors and soft textures like lace add to more kawaii or lolita vibes in your witch look!

Don’t be afraid to customize things! If you’ve got a cheap witch hat from the dollar store try wrapping it in craft netting or pinning flowers around the base to upgrade it (hot glue works too). Halloween is the perfect time to explore your style and go over the top!

Shop Gloomth dresses here!


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