New “Cornflower” Dress!

Our brand new “Cornflower” dress is sort of like something Alice would wear to a Halloween themed tea party in Wonderland! Modeled here by Lucy Lovesick with our pink centipede tights and some creepy cute elements to give the outfit a cute-Halloween feel.

Made of soft cotton poplin in baby blue it features an embroidered skull detail and swooping white bows on the skirt. Shop it in sizes S-5X on our website.

We were SO THRILLED to get permission to shoot with this amazing ice cream truck! I absolutely love the aesthetic of ice cream trucks, I grew up somewhere that didn’t have them and they always seemed like such a “city kid” experience to me. I’ve long wanted one in a photoshoot and it finally happened by chance! All the hand painted treats and knock off characters on the sides make me so happy even now. Thanks Donkey Kone!!!!

See the whole shoot on flickr!

Shop the outfit on our site!

Lucy Lovesick on Instagram!