New Graveyard Alice Photoshoot!

If Wonderland was just a beautiful historical cemetery? This slightly Alice themed shoot with model Yasmine was such fun to create. All the flowers in my favorite cemetery are bursting to bloom and it made such a wonderful backdrop for this series.

Yasmine wore our “Alice’s Pool of Tears” jsk over her own blouse and paired with stripe socks for an old school lolita take on an Alice look!

If you’re reading this and getting your mad cranked up about my shooting in a cemetery here’s a whole post I did about taking photos in such places. Using and exploring historical spaces like this with RESPECT (no, you can’t walk your damned dog off leash in a cemetery wtf) encourages their upkeep and maintenance.

Here’s a little tiktok we made with footage from behind the scenes too!

From today’s shoot with @kitsunetsukiii #lolitafashion #summer #fashion

♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

Shop this look on our site!

Check out the entire photoshoot on flickr!

Yasmine on instagram!


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