Creepy Cute Easter Photoshoot!

This past weekend was Easter, which admittedly is not my favorite holiday. I like the aesthetic of it- all the pastels, flowers, and baby animals (and the candy)- but I’m not Christian and feel no connection to the holiday (and as a childfree person the Pagan fertility vibe isn’t my scene). Despite my Easter-weirdness I finally managed to do a proper Easter themed shoot just before the weekend!!!! Of course I added my own creepy kawaii twist to the traditional Easter elements.

Model Lucy Lovesick wore several of our new pastel hued designs in a set I built full of my vintage bunny toys and other retro Easter elements!

Sort of a retro Easter tea party with blood tea and a glow in the dark mini skeleton. 😉

Here’s a quick tiktok I made using some behind the scenes footage from this shoot:

Check out Lucy Lovesick’s music and photos on instagram!

Shop these looks!
The entire photoshoot can be found on flickr!


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