New Bedroom Photoshoot

For my second shoot last week we did a sort of retro-bedroom theme using my actual bedroom (minus the array of weird half used moisturizers that usually live on my dresser haha). With tinted lights it suddenly came alive with model Em’s help!

Em modeled a bunch of our designs in this shoot but my favorite photos from it feature our red and white “Cure” nurse dress.

This winter has really been about finding new ways to shoot in my home space and studio. I think it’ll be really neat to someday have these photos of my weird little room to look back on also. 🙂

You can see the rest of this photoshoot on our flickr!

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Em’s instagram here!


2 thoughts on “New Bedroom Photoshoot

  1. Good morning Taeden, I love the bedroom as a set and love how at the different designs of your dresses. Most of all – I admire the simplicity of article. You know I haven’t posted anything in a very long time, but this has inspired me to get off my ass and at least catch up on my posts. Just a little blurb, photos, done. Thanks!

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