New Dusk Photoshoot!

Last week I shot a dreamy wintery shoot with model Autumn! We did three different looks so I think I’ll break the blog posts into three so it’s not just one long overwhelming photo-heap. 🙂

For the first look we paired Autumn’s blouse with our black velvet “Malice” dress. This dress hasn’t been released yet but if you’d like to add yourself to the waitlist for them on my site, you’ll get first dibs! (Click here for the Malice waitlist).

The resulting photos have a dusk-in-winter feel I think, hazy light in cool pastels filling the space. For the set I tried to stick with creams/pinks for the base and added pops of mint green and red for accents. I also hung a clothesline of vintage half-slips from the ceiling to add to the environment.

My kitties have lost all decorum when I am shooting in my studio and couldn’t stop trying to cuddle Autumn. The long pause on shoots during the pandemic has un-trained them of their manners. Bad kitties! (Black one is Goblin, tabby is Atticus).

You can check out the entire photoshoot on our flickr, and I’ll be showing highlights from it here this week too!

Autumn’s instagram!

Shop the outfits here!


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