New Pink Fever Dream Shoot!

This past week I built my first set for a shoot since January 2020! This winter I will be trying to shoot more frequently in spaces I build providing the case numbers in my city stay low etc. I really don’t want to be limited like I was in spring 2020 this year if I can help it (and be safe doing so).

I built this pink dreamy environment full of lit doll houses, vintage/antique toys, and shaggy pink rugs. The vibe for the shoot was meant to be sort of blurry and dazed, the way your head spins when you rise suddenly out of a vivid dream- where only scraps of it remain in your memory, dissipating as you wake. Colors and shapes, but none of them quite coalescing into a storyline.

Azura Rose wore our “Cupid” dress (and some other Gloomth dresses) for the photos!

This was also my first time doing makeup on a model since January 2020 as well!!!! I had a lot of fun creating this super pink, soft look with glitter eyebrows and enormous lashes on Azura who super doesn’t wear pink in real life.

We also managed to film a really cute tiktok during the shoot! I’m going to try updating with some regularity over there if I can remember to film anything during our shoots….


From tonight’s shoot with @hellcatazura #alt #gloomth #creepykawaii #fashion

♬ Violet – Hole

You can see the entire album of photos on my flickr!

Shop this look here!

Azura Rose on instagram!


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