The Red Ribbon Photoshoot

Last week I finally began shooting multiple models at once in my work again! It’s been a slow climb getting back to doing photoshoots several times a week and my stamina isn’t where it was before all the lockdowns, but I am so happy to be back at it.

For this shoot we took over a creepy stairwell in my apartment building and the hallway too! Thankfully no one needed to take their trash out so we managed to get an entire photoshoot done without startling any of my poor neighbors. Though honestly, I think anyone who’s lived in my building for any length of time is probably used to me haunting the area with strangely dressed people and my pink dslr.

Autumn and Yasmine came alive as these creepy nurses inspired by old school lolita photos- especially those featuring Moon Kana! We used a white dollhouse I found on the road this summer, red satin ribbon, and a red lightbulb on a long extension cord to up the haunting effect.

Both models wore our new sleeveless Nurse dresses with their own blouses and accessories!

Autumn on instagram!

Yasmine on instagram

See the entire photoshoot on our flickr.

Shop these outfits on our site.


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