Our Domestique Dress Modeled!

I am slowly easing back into shooting regularly- at last! It’s funny, as throughout the pandemic I have missed creating photoshoots so much but now that lockdown is easing and I am able to shoot with a few folks I feel incredibly rusty and reluctant. “Before times” for me meant shooting almost every spare hour, and I don’t think I will be returning to that schedule again anytime soon. I dearly love what I do but giving myself the space to explore life outside of just work is something I have rediscovered during the pandemic.

I’m sure as I regain connection with my cameras and create a few confidence-boosting shoots I will be as excited to be back at is as ever.

This week I finally got modeled photos of our new “Domestique” dress! It was maid outfit inspired but definitely can be styled without that vibe. The apron is removable (it features my artwork). Fine Lines looked like a perfect doll in this dress. I styled it with some spiked accessories, her platform boots, and a black mouse-ear hat I have had forever.

See the rest of this shoot on flickr!

Find this dress in sizes S-5X on our site!

Fine Lines on instagram!


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