Halloween Home Decor Picks 2020

Every year I like to browse through a bunch of websites at all the new Halloween home decor goodies! Anyone of a spooky aesthetic knows you can get some great year-round accents for your home in the Halloween section.

As usual I’m looking for quality items that have some uniqueness to them, items that won’t look like forgotten dollarstore decorations when you use them in July.

*This is not a sponsored post, I don’t make any money if you buy any of these items. Just a fun Halloween tradition.

Skull or Raven serving platters! I love the idea of this anatomical skull serving set for year round parties or snacking, and the raven is really beautiful too!. Skull- Grandin Road and Raven- Grandin Road.

If your vibe is more towards the pastel end of the spooky spectrum these gorgeous glass pumpkins from Target would be amazing tucked on a shelf. They also come in a set of darker shades too. Target here!

When picking year round Halloween aisle items aim for materials that seem luxurious or more permanent than tinsel garland or paper pumpkins. This tortoiseshell skull from Target lights up and would look amazing on a shelf with your other oddities year round! Link here.

Palmistry hand from Spirit Halloween! I love little nooks full of oddities and magical items, and this palmistry chart hand would look amazing in such and definitely doesn’t screen “Halloween store”. On Spirit Halloween.

These black spine candles might be a little on-the-nose for Halloween decor but I just thought they were really neat. 😉 Also from Spirit Halloween.

I hope this spattering of year round Halloween decor ideas has helped inspire you for the season! Halloween 2020 is going to be a weird one but there’s no reason we can’t still add some magic to our homes to celebrate.


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