Dark Cottagecore

dark cottagecore aesthetic

Since Cottagecore is fascinating so many people right now I thought it would be fun to explore a dark interpretation of the pastoral country-girl aesthetic. Dark Cottagecore is the kindly (but eerie) witch of the woods. It’s strange mushrooms collected in an apron, smoke curling from the stone smokestack of a shadowy cottage, black lace and grey knit socks, it’s the unknown parts of the forest.

dark cottagecore

Style wise think of dark colors in homespun fabrics- cottons in solid black or delicate dark florals, handmade lace trim, clogs or black lace up boots. Hair adorned with dried flowers or braided beneath a black straw witch hat, bows of dark handmade lace. Aprons, baskets, and pocket watches make suitable accessories.


It’s a closeness to the natural world (or a longing to be). It’s a shadow filled fairytale where the witch saves the day.


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