Pandemic Themed Photoshoots

pandemic themed photoshoot

Okay, so maybe these shoots aren’t specifically pandemic themed but with all the looming scary medical news around the world this week it seemed a good time to remember to make beauty out of the shadows. Take what frightens you and make it into art. 

harajuku nurse outfit plus size

If you’ve been ordered off of school or work it’s a great time to explore playing with makeup and style, or taking up a creative pursuit you didn’t previously have time for. Revisit your favorite books and deep dive art or fashion movements online. The world is still full of magic and amazing things, even if you’re stuck living in a fort made out of hoarded toilet paper…

nurse costume

“Social distancing” can be hard on people emotionally, now is a great time to check in digitally with your friends. Play free online games together or start group chats to maintain connection. Make sure the elderly, at risk, and disabled people in your life have access to supplies and food. Keep your community close, even if not physically.

gothic nurse photoshoot

This storm will pass eventually, as all things do.

Here’s our complete photoshoot collection if you need some inspiration- medical themed or otherwise.

Stay safe and well!


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