Medical Theme Costume Ideas

goth nurse dress lolita outfit

Still waiting for Halloween costume inspiration to strike? Here’s a round up of assorted medical themed looks I have styled for our shoots over the years, and break downs on how to create similar ones at home! So grab your fake blood, bandages, and refill your toy syringe- it’s time to get guro! 😉

antique nurse costume

Antique Nurse – This historically inaccurate look has an overall vibe of antique/vintage medical themes. I started with our “Doll Hospital” print dress and layered sheer fabric bandages (I tore up vintage curtains to make them), a little petticoat to give the dress some fluff, and a costume shop nurse hat. Layer it over tattered layered tights in white or white fishnets for extra creepy points. This costume would work great with tea stained white tights and a cotton doctor’s jacket also!

monster nurse costume with extra eyeballdolly momoiro gloomth

Monster Nurse – The great thing about Monster themes is you can take them in any direction you like! For this one I added an extra eyeball (doll’s eye adhered with eyelash glue and rimmed in fake eyelashes) and lots of drippy green makeup. Azura is wearing our “Slime Nurse” dress paired with a vintage sheer housecoat/peignoir and our “St Gloomth Hospital” tights! Finished with a costume shop nurse hat and glitter hair bows. You can take this look as far as you want! Monster masks, glue on wounds, the sky is the limit here- get creative!

For Dolly’s look above (second photo) I tied a doll’s arm to her head and she had a great prop chainsaw to add to the monster girl effect!

eerie bunny mask nurse lolita

Bunny Nurse Doll – Masks are unsettling by nature, this plastic bunny mask was found at a regular costume shop and it really does add a spooky element to this look. Our “Good Nurse” dress is the base here paired with costume shop medical themed tights, platform shoes, and lengths of white lace and gauze for bandages.

lolita nurse outfit

Nurse Lolita – A prettier take on our medical theme is this simple nurse lolita look! Our “Good Nurse” dress worn with it’s matching apron, white mesh socks, and red shoes create an easy coordinate. Finished with the same costume nurse hat that’s appearing again and again here!

gurololita outfit

Gurololita – Gurololita is an old trend in the lolita “scene” where usually a white dress/outfit is splattered with fake blood and the wearer is festooned with bandages. If you’d rather not obliterate your favorite white dress our “Good Nurse” dress makes a great base with it’s pops of red. Add fake blood or red acrylic paint to a white apron for some gore, and then gore-up your makeup! Azura is wearing platform boots and blood splattered tights for some extra creepiness. Eyepatches, white headdresses, and bandages really work well with this style!

easy gothic nurse costume

Gothic Nurse – Our “Bad Nurse” dress would work well (shown at the top of this post) or our green “Slime Nurse” dress shown above. Paired with fishnet sleeves, platform goth boots, and a collar. This quick look is furthered with drippy red makeup and black lipstick!

pink red and white lolita nurse outfit

Pink and Red – I love pink and red together, and to add some sweetness to your medical themed look add them to the classic red and white colorway! Pink wrist cuffs, headdress, and makeup give this costume an adorable hospital-helper vibe.

So go haunt your favorite hospital hallways and make your medical Halloween dreams come true! 😉


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