Halloween Deadlines

jack-o-lantern mask halloween girl

It’s nearly September which means Halloween season is quickly manifesting here at the ‘Cult! If you’re planning to wear Gloomth to your Oct 31st festivities here’s all the info you need on making sure your goodies will be there in time. 🙂

In Stock Styles (Valance, Victoria, Ghost Queen, Dracula’s Bride, October, Tombstone- etc):

Order by October 20th (Canada/USA) and October 16th (everywhere else). 

*We also have overnight shipping options within North America that range from $50-100 if need be.

Print/Made-to-Order Items (skater dresses, leggings, etc):

Order by September 20th (Canada/USA) and September 15th (everywhere else).

Please note we cannot guarantee arrival time for our print items as we don’t control the manufacturers of the fabrics we use for those, we will do everything we can to make sure your order is in your hands on time however. We are not the pizza company, we don’t offer “money back” guarantees if we have done everything we could to have your order arrive in your hands in time, sorry in advance.



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